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Frequently Asked Questions


If you are booking a hoist for the first time, you and anyone assisitng you with your car on the day is required to complete our online workshop induction.

Please ensure all people have done this before you arrive.

How do I make a booking?

In the member portal, select the BOOKINGS button from the home page or from the side menu. The bookings are in 1 hour slots. If you need more time (and you will 🙂), select your first time slot and then select as many more slots as you need. Our Discount Wednesdays offer all day bookings for those larger jobs.
Ensure you arrive 15minutes before your booking time.

What do I do when I get there?

Leave your car in the driveway and enter into the reception area. Do not drive your car in, a staff member will drive your car into the workshop.

Can I bring a helper?

Yes, you can bring two(2) people as long as they are over the age of 16, complete our online workshop induction and wear the appropriate PPE.

What happens if I need to leave my car here overnight?

If space is available, your car can stay here at your own risk. There is a $20 per night storage fee, discounted to $10 for members.

Do I have to pay extra to dispose of oil and tyres?

Oil and oil filters can be disposed here. Tyres cannot be left here,  you must take them with you.

Who are our discount partners?

As a member, you are entitled to discounts through Burson Auto Parts.

Watch this space, this list will grow!

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